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Domestic sales department

Tel:0536-3343571   3440237   3343507 
Import ﹠ Export department:  0536-3343563
Purchasing department:0536-3343508



Add:Xinzhai Town, Linqu Shandong,P.R. China 262610 


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Business philosophy:
Challenge to the advanced technology, Providing with the highest quality products for our customers, Contributing to the development of China's economy.
operating strategy:
To achieve the highest quality in the world, to meet the customer satisfaction 100% challenge People-oriented, create a personal ability to comply with social norms, establish a trustworthy corporate image
Domestic sales department, battling the mall, creating benefits
Purchasing Department guarantees strong and sincere service
Quality Assurance Department Loyal Quality Guard
Technology Development Department Seeking truth and being pragmatic, pioneering and innovative!
Human Resources Department, strict and efficient, true service
Production Management Department is conscientious and meticulous
Finance department, good family, good fortune