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Yokohama Group launches PRGR "Silver-Blade HB Belly" golf club

Yokohama Group launches PRGR "Silver-Blade HB Belly" golf club

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Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., through PRGR Co., Ltd., launched the new product of the PRGR brand "Silver-Blade HB Putter" series in June - the belly pusher (medium and long size) "SB-03CS HB Belly". The shape of the head is an intermediate type of hoe, and the rod is 39 inches long. The price is 22050 yen (the price of the product itself is 21,000 yen). 
Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., through PRGR Co., Ltd., launched the new product of the PRGR brand "Silver-Blade HB Putter" series in June - the belly pusher (medium and long size) "SB-03CS HB Belly". The shape of the head is an intermediate type of hoe, and the rod is 39 inches long. The price is 22050 yen (the price of the product itself is 21,000 yen). The abdominal pusher is a medium-length putter, which has been increasing in recent years. It hits the ball with the end of the grip against the abdomen and uses this as a fulcrum. Since the end of the grip is fixed, the hitting is made more stable, and the straight push mode in which the amount of movement of the head is larger than the amount of movement at the handshake becomes easy.
"SB-03CS HB Belly" features the "Silver-Blade HB Putter" series: the pursuit of a good swing feel and stable management, inheriting the emphasis on the black head, a solid sense of hitting the ball. Usually the length of the abdominal pusher is 41 inches or more, but the PRGR has passed the test and set its length to 39 inches suitable for the Japanese body.
Now, PRGR's product lineup includes the "Silver-Blade HB" series with a heavy, ball-splitting feel and the "Silver-Blade IIs" series with a soft and gentle hitting feel. The addition of the abdominal pusher further enriched the types of PRGR putters.
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