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Providing makeup room components to American Airlines

Providing makeup room components to American Airlines

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(Tokyo) - Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. announced today that its dressing room components have been adopted by the American Airlines Boeing 757. The component's sleek and comfortable design style is highly acclaimed, including a soft design with rounded corners and an external curved hatch for maximum internal space. In January 2009, American Airlines put the first Boeing 757 models with the same dressing room components into shipping. In the future, American Airlines will also purchase 500 sets of dressing room components.
In addition, the assembly uses a curved wall to expand the space above the sink, making passengers feel more convenient and comfortable when washing their hands. The lighting facilities are also very particular: indirect lighting is installed on the side of the vanity mirror to make the face more vivid; LED lighting is installed next to the sink to make the light brighter. In order to facilitate the flight attendant's work, the storage rack is installed behind the vanity mirror, and the storage space is twice that of the original genuine components. Through the improvement of raw materials, the weight of each set of components is controlled below 100kg, which further saves fuel and achieves the goal of reducing the weight of the original components by 10%.
The 757 model is a representative medium-sized passenger aircraft in the Boeing series, and Yokohama Rubber has always been a single supplier of its dressing room components. The 757 has stopped production in 2005, but until now most of the aircraft is still in operation. Therefore, in recent years, the demand for interior decoration of the makeup room components has continued to rise. Based on this demand, Yokohama has specially designed and developed this new dressing room component in order to better meet the requirements of airlines and differentiate our products among many competitive products.

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