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Yokohama tires held opening ceremony in Vietnam

Yokohama tires held opening ceremony in Vietnam

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OnFebruary29,YokohamaRubberCo.,Ltd.(GeneralManager:NanYunZhongxin),theopeningceremonyofYokohamaTyreVietnamInc.,washeldatthenewtirefactoryinBinhDuongprovincenearHoChiMinhCity. Attheopeningceremony,abou
On February 29, Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. (General Manager: Nan Yun Zhongxin), the opening ceremony of Yokohama Tyre Vietnam Inc., was held at the new tire factory in Binh Duong province near Ho Chi Minh City.
At the opening ceremony, about 200 guests from the Vietnamese government, the Consul General in Japan, local tire dealers, Japanese automakers, and media-related personnel were invited to attend the conference. Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Chairman and President Fu Yong Jingxiong also attended the opening ceremony. In his speech, President Fu Yong stated that “the production has been carried out in Vietnam since 10 years ago. Through the commissioning of the new tire factory, I hope to further expand the production scale in the future”.
Established in June 2006, Yokohama Tyre Vietnam Inc. is a joint stock company that integrates tire production and sales. The company started construction in October 2006 and started production in February this year. It plans to implement a full-scale production system of 1.3 million tires in April this year. The company will produce bias trucks for small trucks, tires for two-wheeled motorcycles, bias tires for industrial vehicles, and miniature spare tires, which are also exported to Japan in addition to domestic sales in Vietnam. The new plant construction plans to invest 1 billion yen.
Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. established a Yokohama Tire Vietnam Co., Ltd. in 1997 with the Vietnam-based local tire manufacturer Southern Rubber Company (CASUMINA) and Mitsubishi Corporation. Production and sales of tires for tires and motorcycles.
In the future, the company is planned to be incorporated into Yokohama Tyre Vietnam Inc.

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