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Established Yokohama in Asia. Asia

Established Yokohama in Asia. Asia

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Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. (President: Nan Yun Zhongxin) established Yokohama Asia in Bangkok, Thailand in February this year, and officially opened in April. The company has become the repairing tire market and technical service base in Southeast Asia and Western Asia, and has managed the procurement functions of Yokohama Rubber Group manufacturing and sales companies in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan. The company's registered capital is 10 million baht (about 30 million yen), and the investor is Yokohama Rubber Company.
Yokohama? The establishment of the Asian company has further expanded the sales of repair tires in Southeast Asia and West Asia, and further promoted the brand sales of Yokohama Rubber's high-performance tires for cars, and strengthened the tire technology service. .
The company also procured the procurement functions of the tire production bases in Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and the sealing products production bases in Thailand and Taiwan. Originally, the procurement of these raw materials at the production base was directly managed by the head office. By establishing a regional procurement organization in a relatively close place, communication with the head office is convenient, which also reduces costs and shortens delivery time.
Yokohama? The reason why the Asian company was established in Bangkok is that because of the so-called Detroit City in Asia and Thailand, many automakers from all over the world are crowding into the country, as well as Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the largest production and sales company in the Yokohama Rubber Group in Asia. in Thailand.

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