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Participating in China International Tire ● Rubber Technology Exhibition

Participating in China International Tire ● Rubber Technology Exhibition

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Yokohama Rubber (share) (President: Nan Yun Zhongxin), exhibited at the 6th China International Tire ● Rubber Technology Exhibition held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center (INTEXShanghai) from November 20th to 22nd. The exhibition is the largest international event in China's rubber industry, and domestic and foreign professional manufacturers gather together to actively exchange information or negotiate.
Yokohama Rubber decided to exhibit for the first time this year in order to promote excellent rubber products other than tires to Chinese users or people in the same industry. Yokohama Rubber shows seat belts and hose piping. According to the plate and sample, Yokohama Rubber is unique in its high technology and high performance. In addition, we have established conveyor belts, plumbing pipes, sealing materials for passenger cars, passenger car tires, trucks, passenger car tires, a total of 5 production and sales companies, and a tire sales company, and set up management of all business in China. One investment company will introduce how to deal with China's domestic demand in the vast industrial field.
China International Tire ● The Rubber Technology Exhibition was organized by China Rubber (Group) Corporation and China Rubber Industry Association since 1998. This year, it is estimated that there are about 230 types of automobiles, such as automobiles, two-wheeled vehicles, bicycle tires, safety belts, hoses, rubber products, raw materials, manufacturing machinery, inspection equipment, etc. Participation in 18 countries. The number of attendees is estimated to be 8,000
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