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Shandong Yokohama Rubber's 2011 three-system external audit work

Shandong Yokohama Rubber's 2011 three-system external audit work

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From April 14th to 15th, the three auditing and certification experts of Shanfang Dongyuan Mark Certification Center relied on quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental management system standards, through seminars, inspection documents, on-site observation, access to materials and interviews. On-site supervision and audit of the company's leadership and various departments. After careful review and evaluation by experts, it is determined that the quality management system of our company has maintained the certification requirements, the operation is effective, and the non-conformities issued are effectively rectified, and it is recommended to continue to maintain the certification registration qualification. At the same time, the audit team also put forward relevant improvement suggestions on the general problems encountered in this supervision and audit. It is recommended that the company continue to strengthen the understanding and depth of the quality management system, strengthen the implementation of the system documents, and achieve an overall improvement of the management level. . Regarding the relevant opinions and suggestions put forward by the audit team, General Manager Saito pointed out: Through this supervision and audit, we have further improved our understanding of the importance of quality work and saw many shortcomings of our company in the quality management system. It is hoped that the relevant departments will take this audit as an opportunity to seriously analyze the reasons, ensure the rectification of non-conformities and related problems on time, effectively improve the effectiveness and efficiency of quality management, and lay a solid foundation for comprehensively improving the competitiveness of Yokohama Rubber.

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