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Yokohama Rubber held a new tire factory opening ceremony in Russia

Yokohama Rubber held a new tire factory opening ceremony in Russia

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Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.'s tire production and sales company in Russia - YOKOHAMA RPZ (President: Suzuki Shinichi), its new tire tire factory in the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone in Lipetsk has been constructed before, and The opening ceremony was held on May 30th. The opening ceremony invited 200 participants including the Central Federal District Presidential Special Envoy Alexander Beglov, the Lipetsk Governor Oleg Korolev, the Japanese Ambassador to Russia Harada, and the Russian tire sales company and sales staff. Yokohama Rubber’s representative and CEO, Nan Yun Zhongxin, also attended the ceremony.
    President Nan Yun and CEO said in his speech: "When I visited Russia in 2008, I felt that the automobile market here has matured and the space for future development is still very large. Therefore, it is the most Important 'such a judgment. When meeting with the Russian staff who went to Japan for training, I strongly felt their excellent and quick familiarity with the work. Therefore, we believe that we will be able to provide high quality YOKOHAMA brand for the Russian market in the future. Products that contribute to the development of Russia."
    YOKOHAMA R.P.Z. was established in December 2008 with the aim of producing tires in Russia. The current registered capital is about 3.76 billion rubles, and the capital contribution ratio is 80% for Yokohama Rubber and 20% for ITOCHU Corporation. In March 2010, the groundbreaking ceremony of the new factory was held, and 4.8 billion rubles were invested to promote the construction of a new tire factory. The new factory has an area of ​​4.3 hectares and an annual production capacity of 1.4 million. It is planned to start full-load production in the summer of 2013. Yokohama Rubber also plans to gradually increase its local production capacity, and has signed a 24-hectare land lease agreement with the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone, taking into account future expansion issues.
    The new factory mainly produces the main products for the Russian domestic market - the car tire "C.drive2", the car snow tire "ice GUARD iG35", etc., the tire specifications are 13-18 inches inside diameter. The products are mainly sold in Russia and some are exported to Europe.
    Yokohama’s tire sales in Russia have been increasing. The number of sales in 2011 increased by 28% from the previous year to approximately 3 million. For Yokohama Rubber, Russia has become second only to Japan, the United States and China. The fourth largest market. YOKOHAMA RUSSIA L.L.C, a tire sales company established in April 2005, has established a sales channel for wholesale sales through large-scale companies, and has actively established a YOKOHAMA retail network for retail stores. While strengthening sales capacity, the establishment of this new factory will strengthen supply capacity and speed up supply, which will inevitably further promote the development of the business.

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