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Practice the green concept - the third phase of the "Millennium Forest" tree planting activity

Practice the green concept - the third phase of the "Millennium Forest" tree planting activity

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On August 24th, 2013, the third phase of the “YOKOHAMA Millennium Forest” tree planting activity of the Shandong factory of Youke Haoma Rubber Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Danhe Park, Xinzhai Town, Weifang City. Shandong Hengbin Rubber Industry Products Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Yongtang and General Manager Zhang Yuxi led more than 320 factory employees and their families to plant more than 2,160 tree seedlings along the north bank of the Dan River. The planting area is about 420 square meters. A total of six local government and EPA personnel participated in the event.
    The six tree species, such as the golden leaf nymph, white wax and holly planted in this plant, are local tree species adapted to the local soil and climate. More than 80% of them are collected and cultivated by Youke Haoma employees in Linyi Mountain. The planting method follows the concept of “Building a Native Forest” by Professor Miyawaki, a well-known plant ecologist in Japan, and is intensively planted close to the natural forest. This natural living forest not only absorbs carbon dioxide, but also prevents disasters, reduces noise, and acts as a rest. The place of environmental education also plays a huge role.
    The relevant person in charge said that the Shandong factory has held the “Millennium Forest” tree planting activity every year since 2011. More than 4,000 trees have been planted in the plant. This is the first time that the plant has been planted out of the factory; the construction of the green environment is not only related to the factory, but also The life of the local people is closely related, and it is hoped that this will strengthen interaction with the local community and truly convey the concept of green environmental protection.
The “YOKOHAMA Millennium Forest” activity has been carried out in succession at Yokohama's factories around the world since 2007. In 2008, the event entered China, and so far more than 40,000 trees have been planted in China.
    Kehaoma Rubber Co., Ltd., as one of the key points of the Group's management policy, has become the slogan of “becoming a top-level environmental protection contributor”. It not only actively strengthens the research and development of environmentally friendly products, but also fully commits itself to public welfare and environmental protection. In addition to the “Millennium Forest” activity centered on the factory, the “Heyuan Community Sustainable Development and Ecological Protection Project”, which coordinated regional economic development and environmental protection, was launched in Laojiang Mountain in Lijiang in 2011. At the same time, in order to reduce environmental pollution during the manufacturing process, all of its factories have achieved zero waste emissions. As a company with a sense of social responsibility and mission, Youke Haoma strives to contribute more to Chinese society in environmental protection and improvement.
[About "YOKOHAMA Millennium Forest"]
    Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. has launched the "YOKOHAMA Millennium Forest" campaign since 2007, and plans to plant 500,000 trees at all production sites in Japan and abroad in 2017. By the end of this activity, more than 270,000 trees have been planted at home and abroad, and half of the target plan has been completed, of which more than 40,000 trees have been planted in China.
    One of the basic policies proposed by Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. in the new medium-term business plan "Grand Design 100" (GD100), which was launched in fiscal 2006, is "becoming a top-level environmental contribution company." The factory is not only staying at the minimum standards for emissions, but also further explores how the factory can make due contributions to environmental protection and other positive environmental protection measures. In the process of exploration, I learned about the concept of environmental protection activities of the plant scholar Miyawaki, and the idea of ​​“building a native forest” that he advocated. If a "forest" is built in the factory, it will not only absorb carbon dioxide, but also prevent disasters, provide shelters and rest places in the event of fires and earthquakes, and achieve good results in terms of environment, safety and comfort.
    The implementation of the “YOKOHAMA Millennium Forest” afforestation plan is inseparable from the assistance of the local people. The forest is closely related to the lives of the local people. Therefore, the afforestation activities have also received support and assistance from the local people.

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