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I feel that I participated in the "Lijiang Laojun Mountain Environmental Protection Activity"

I feel that I participated in the "Lijiang Laojun Mountain Environmental Protection Activity"

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OnJuly23and24,2014,IparticipatedintheenvironmentalprotectionactivitiesorganizedbyYoukeHaomaRubberChinaGroupinLijiang,Yunnan.  TheaverageelevationofLijiangCityis2,500m,soIpreparedlongsleevesinadvance,b
On July 23 and 24, 2014, I participated in the environmental protection activities organized by Youke Haoma Rubber China Group in Lijiang, Yunnan.
    The average elevation of Lijiang City is 2,500m, so I prepared long sleeves in advance, but the temperature difference between day and night is large, there is a hot sun, and it feels a bit cold on cloudy days. In addition, it is well known that Lijiang is a famous scenic tourist attraction in China, especially famous in the ancient city of Lijiang. Even on non-holiday evenings, there will be a large number of tourists visiting here, very lively.
    Since 2011, under the auspices of Youke Haoma Rubber Co., Beijing Sansheng Environmental Development Research Institute has launched the “Sustainable Development and Eco-Environmental Protection Project of Laojunshan Heyuan Village” (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Sansheng”). I was fortunate to travel to the area to confirm the achievements of the project so far and the progress of the project implementation.
Lijiang Ancient City Vision
Before 2011, the roads in Heyuan Village were unreasonable and the education was backward. The villagers mostly used forest resources to resell, killing wild animals, and devastating collection as the main source of economic income. The average annual net income of local residents is only 650 yuan / person (local government statistics).
From 2011, Youke Haoma Rubber and Beijing Sansheng opened the Heyuan Village project with the ultimate goal of “improving the income level of local residents and protecting the environment”. The village bank was set up as a “village bank” to provide financial support for the villagers’ cultivation of herbs and honey farming. At the beginning of the establishment of the village bank, because the initial stage of the economic crops cultivated by the villagers is still low, there is a phenomenon that individual families have to subsidize education expenditure through the Daoshan forest. To solve this problem, the project is in the “village bank”. On the basis of this, the “Eco-Assistance” program was launched, and the “Youke Haoma Ecological Aid Fund” was distributed to villagers who actively participated in environmental protection.
    It has been the fourth year since the start of the project, and the village representatives have expressed their gratitude for the help.
    There were many similar projects before, but they all provided financial support. The villagers’ awareness and concepts were not fundamentally changed and improved, and most of the projects ended in failure.
    In Heyuan Village, we communicated with the villagers, understood the ideas of the local people, provided financial support, and based on the protection of the environment, formulated a practical management and operation system to improve production efficiency and carry out awareness reform.
    If the project is successful, it will ultimately improve the tangible benefits of the villagers. With such an idea, even if it takes a little time, the villagers will actively participate in activities, change their consciousness and concepts, and formulate a new system.
    There is an old saying in China: "One year's plan is like a tree valley; for ten years, it is like a tree; for a lifelong plan, it is like a tree." - Ten years of trees, a hundred years of trees.
    It is true that it is not easy to change the values ​​and ways of thinking that we have formed, and it takes time. However, after three years of hard work, the local villagers’ consciousness and concept have changed, and they have achieved certain results. This is the result of the joint efforts of the villagers themselves and the relevant personnel of the activities.
    The picture on the right is a bee cultured in Heyuan Village. The funds for buying beehives were borrowed from the “village bank”. At present, the overall production management level of the whole village has been greatly improved, and the price of the products produced has also increased by about 4 times.
    At present, the project system and the Laojun Mountain environmental protection model have entered a mature stage, and this year will enter the next stage of the new. If the goods they produce let the world know? How to sell? Wait, the village will still face new challenges, and everyone needs to work together and broaden their horizons. Our Yokohama Rubber Group will continue to provide support and assistance in the future.
    Here are the impressions of participating in the event:
    If you feel that you can't do it and want to give up, why not try to change your own consciousness first.
    For their own work, everyone communicates with each other, constantly improves themselves, keeps advancing, and promotes the company's development. If you keep the status quo is to regress!
    I hope that everyone will also learn from the unconscious sense and concept of the villagers in Heyuan Village, constantly innovating, presenting new insights and opinions, and contributing to our development in Yokohama, Shandong.
    Finally, I will share pictures of Laojun Mountain in Lijiang. The altitude is about 4000m!

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