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The first phase of internal environmental monitoring in shandong yokohama

The first phase of internal environmental monitoring in shandong yokohama

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From December 9th to 10th, YRSC implemented an internal review of the integrated system. A total of seven environmental work related persons from Y-CH, CTSY, CHZY, CSZY, YIP-SH, and YIP-HZ participated in the internal audit as external supervisors. The monitoring contents include the operation status of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 in the daily operation process of each department of the factory.
After a two-day monitoring activity, at the last meeting, the inspectors agreed that YRSC's full participation in environmental activities is very high, which has great benefits for employees' environmental awareness and corporate cohesion. Energy conservation and environmental protection measures within the company. It is also effective and effective. At the meeting, the Ombudsman also pointed out that some YRSC systems were not operating satisfactorily. General Manager Zhang Yuxi instructed that the non-conformities should be thoroughly rectified.
This monitoring is in response to YRC's proposal to establish an environmental monitoring system for the whole district in China at the meeting on August 5, 2013. It will establish a unified and standardized monitoring plan and system, and produce and improve the objectives of the mutual monitoring system. The opportunity to review, understand the overall environmental system management and control level of YRSC, and improve the environmental management level of each brother company.

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