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The fourth "Millennium Forest" tree planting activity in 2015

The fourth "Millennium Forest" tree planting activity in 2015

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Shandong Yokohama held the fourth "Yokohama Millennium Forest" tree planting activity in 2015.
On August 8, 2015, our company held the fourth "Yokohama Millennium Forest" tree planting activity. Mr. Zhang, general manager of the company, and Mr.Nishida, vice chairman of Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.,which led more than 260 employees, to plant more than 1,480 tree seedlings in the plant area of ​​more than 350 square meters.
Most of the tree species such as the genus Lobelia, boxwood, and pine cypress, which were collected and cultivated by employees themselves in Linyi Mountain, were planted in this “Millennium Forest” tree planting activities. The planting method follows the concept of “Building a Native Forest” by Professor Miyawaki, a well-known plant ecologist in Japan, and is intensively planted close to the natural forest. This natural living forest not only absorbs carbon dioxide, but also prevents disasters, reduces noise, and acts as a rest. The place of environmental education also plays a huge role.
Shandong Yokohama Rubber Industrial Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It mainly produces all kinds of industrial conveyor belts. Since 2011, it has held the “Millennium Forest” tree planting activity every year. Up to now, 4,770 trees have been planted in the company, and 2,160 trees have been planted outside the plant. Through the continuous efforts of the factory, We hope to contribute to environmental protection and create a "eternal forest", where people and nature coexist and factories and regions coexist.
In order to enrich the staff's spare time and motivate the employees' work enthusiasm, as a prelude to the tree planting activities, the company also organized a wonderful " tug-of-war competition". The team members are full of spirit and high morale, the employees in the audience are passionate and cheering for their teammates, fully demonstrating the spirit of unity and hard work of the people of Shandong Yokohama.

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