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Participatation in the "send the classics into the campus" activities donation ceremony

Participatation in the "send the classics into the campus" activities donation ceremony

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Participatation in the activity  "send the classics into the campus" activities donation ceremony. And donated many books to the youth people.
From this activity, Shandong Yokohama will always fulfill corporate social responsibility, and contribute to Linqu's education.
On the occasion of the "June 1" in 2018, in the morning of May 30th, 43 people,who came from from Shandong Yokohama Rubber and the Linyi County Commission, the county cadre bureau, the county committee, and the county education bureau, gathered Zhufeng Elementary School and held a donation ceremony for the “Send Classics into the Campus” event.
At the book donation ceremony, there were some leaders of the County Education Bureau and the County Work Committee, and more than 40 representatives of donation  enterprises, and representatives of aided schools, some teachers and students.
In this activity, 43 love enterprises in our county donated more than 25,000 books (more than 310,000 yuan) of Chinese classics including Confucius, the Analects of Confucius, Mencius, Zhuangzi, Tao Te Ching, Qian Ziwen and Tang Poetry.This activity aims to lead young children to inherit the chinese culture, carry forward the national spirit, and understand the charm of Chinese culture, increase the confidence of Chinese culture, and make students enhance their quality, improve their self-cultivation, and know how to do together through "more reading books."
As a co-organizer of this activity, Shandong Yokohama Rubber Industry Co., Ltd., as the first batch of representatives of donated enterprises, was awarded the medal of “Send the Classic of Chinese Culture into the Campus Activities” and awarded the honorary certificate.
In the future, Shandong Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. will continue to support education, pay attention to the healthy growth of young people, fulfill corporate social responsibility, and contribute to Linqu's education.

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